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¬†Unless you’ve been living under a rock lately,
you already know that adult coloring books are all the rage!
There are so many flooding the market now,
which can be a good thing because
it gives you a lot of variety.
There are even a few tangled coloring books out there.
(But seriously, about the only one I would personally invest money in is Jane Monk’s Tangled Treasures and any of the four others she has coming up.)
So I got to thinking about ways to use my existing coloring books in tangled ways.
Hence this project.
Pick a coloring page that has a lot of open areas.
Such was the case with this page up above from Selina Fenech’s book Mermaids.
I liked this page because there were open spaces on the mermaid, on the turtle, and in the waters.
From there I took my sharpie fine point and my copic multiliner pens and began tangling the open areas.
I worked on the mermaid first, getting into the process a little at a time.
I started small by tangling her tail.
From there I moved to her hair.
I liked the results I was getting – I wished the paper was a little thicker – but I liked how it was looking.
So, I moved on to the turtle and to the waterways.
I am happy with the finished product.
I didn’t tangle everything on the page,
just the major elements.
The places that would draw the eye.
Actually, I like to click on the first picture, let it enlarge then click to the next picture.
By doing this you can go back and forth between the two and see what a drastic difference a little tangling makes.
My next step in this process will be to color it.
No, I don’t need to.
It looks great in black and white,
but I’d really like to continue the process and see how my copics work on this paper.
You will probably be seeing that soon.
So. Get brave. Take a page out of your favorite coloring book and get to tangling!

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One thought on “Take Your Coloring Page to the Next Level

  1. Grea job, Alice. I love how the page turned out. It makes a major difference to have all that detail added. I love it. I'm looking forward to seeing how you add color to it. Have a great Sunday……Linda E.

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