Heading to Maine Soon


We will be heading to Maine soon.

Visiting for a few days.

Closing on the new house.

So excited, I can barely stand it!

Posting is going to be minimal during that time.

Tomorrow I will try to schedule a few posts,

if I can find the time.

Packing is almost done.

I can not wait!!!

I will be taking a couple of these to work on at night.

Alcohol ink on Yupo paper.

Love the colors.

If I could just get my scanner to recognize this hot pink.

Not purple. But I can not get it to work.


I think this is still pretty, though.

The Creator's Leaf

4 thoughts on “Heading to Maine Soon

  1. Beautiful! It seems like you have a lot in your life to be excited about now. Good luck with the house. Where in FL do you live now? I think it would be so much fun to get together with you and play with alcohol ink and other color!

  2. Your colors always look so great!! Whenever I try alcohol inks I use photo paper and they come out pretty nice. I tried yupo paper this time and they seem darker than I'd like… Do you remember which colors you used and did you use the blending solution to lighten them?Thanks for all the posts…. And goooood luck moving – moving intimidates the crap out of me; I guess usually cause there never seems to be enough money to make it the simplest!! Lauri

  3. Just seen that you closed on the house – great news, can imagine you're thrilled to bits & it will be very pretty this time of year. Paula (PEP)

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