Tangle It! Journal is Available and I’m an Author/Illustrator!!!


Our book is finally available on Amazon and CreateSpace.
Here is what the introduction says about
Tangle It! Journal:

Welcome to Tangle It! Journal
an entertaining art activity book

Are you ready for some tangling fun?
Are your ideas about tangling all . . .
. . . well, tangled up?
This Journal will help untangle the mystery of tangling with a brief explanation of this specific art style, then we will dive head first into a whole lot of tangletastic fun and zaniness that is tangling.
In this Journal you find:
  • 20 step by step instructions of new, unpublished patterns
  • Tips from fellow tanglers
  • Strings
  • Art challenges
  • Inspiration and ideas
Our very first book!
So what does it take to write and illustrate a tangle journal?
Well, I can’t believe I am posting these.
We all three love cats and decided to make cats be a running theme throughout the journal. Which meant we needed cats. Oh! I so can’t draw!
Ina wanted Simona and I to help her draw cats.
The ones you see in the book that look real,
that look like normal cats – those are Ina’s and Simona’s cats.
When you see the ones that are weird or strange or look crazy like the ones above – those are mine.
We wanted borders for the pages.
So we drew about a gazillion borders.
And page decorations.
We needed little things to spice it up here and there.
So spicing away I went.
This one was fun and it gave me an excuse to make coffee at 10:00 at night.
 Tangle It! Journal is educational.
Three tangle artists – Ina Sonnenmoser, Simona Cordara, and myself
provide tangling tips throughout the book.
 Tangle It! Journal has twenty new, unpublished before tangles
with step by step instructions!
Art to inspire you is sprinkled throughout the book!
Tangle It! Journal has 150 pages of challenges ~
suitable for tanglers of all levels.
Its portable size is meant to be carried with you in your on-the-go lifestyle.
Most prompts can be completed in 10-15 minutes.
There are some that are more meditative and will take longer,
they are more thought provoking.
Throw in a little crazy color for the cover.
And call it done.
Here is one of the prompts I did when we were testing the book.
For this specific one we realized the blue line was too tight,
so we removed the line to give a fuller area for tangling.
Tangle It! Journal carries a good bit of our hearts!
Ina, Simona, and I hope you will love our book
as much as we do!
I bought a bunch of copies to use as Christmas gifts.
(Great stocking stuffer!)
OK, that’s all the selling I’m going to do.
Go to Amazon or CreateSpace to check it out further.
You can also visit our website here.
Love you guys!

The Creator's Leaf

7 thoughts on “Tangle It! Journal is Available and I’m an Author/Illustrator!!!

  1. Yes, the coffee stain ..haha.. You forgot to mention how many litres of coffee it took to create "the perfect stain"! And I LOVE your cats !!!You also forgot to mention the long minutes of silence when I introduced you to the cover I was waiting for a response .. then thought: "Did they fall off their chair?". They can just say NO if they don't like it. Eventually Alice and Simona recovered from the shock and decided to sleep over it ..haha.. Now it's done and the more I look at it, the more I like it. Just shows what can be done with tangle patterns ..hehe..ZenHugsIna

  2. CONGRATULATIONS Alice, Ina and Simona! This is so exciting and fabulous! I just ordered via Amazon and shared on fb. Alice, you are so generous with your tips, tricks and tutorials – this is so fabulously exciting!!!

  3. Congratulations all of you – goodness this has been a project & a half. No wonder you have all had your hands full with creating this – & there's a real gap in the market for just this type of book when it comes to journalling & tangling combined. I had to smile over the cats – they are recognisable as cats Alice!Paula (PEP)

  4. I'm having an issue with this journal. I totally love the pages and concept but the book says to use pigmented ink but all my ink pens are bleeding to the other side and ruining the book. I've used several kinds of Pens and all with the same issue. Not sure how to continue with this journal.please make a hardcover with thicker pages.

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