Whoot! Whoot! And a Big Thanks!!!


Here, let me zoom in on that!  Oh my goodness AND thank you, Lord!!! You guys rock!!! Thank you for buying our book! We are Amazon’s #1 New Release! I can not even begin to tell you what an incredible feeling that is! Tears, sniffs, smiles, and thanks! You are the absolute best! Ina, Simona,… Continue Reading

Thursday String Idea #10


 Welcome to the Thursday String Idea. This week’s string is a basic spiral that you can turn any direction you want. Upside-down, rightside-up. It’s your call. To print the string at the correct size for a 3 1/2″ tile, click here. My spiral is flipped from what you see in the string. And I opted… Continue Reading

It’s My Birthday


Today was my birthday and I got some awesome birthday wishes from so many friends around the world! Everyone knows how I love my minions! Hahaha! Check out the video! Friends posted some beautiful pieces of art on Facebook in honor of my birthday. I have the best friends around! Just sayin’!  And there were… Continue Reading

Positive v. Negative


Positive tangling v. negative tangling. Lights v. darks. Balance and contrast. Snaylz trayl has always been a bit of a challenge for me. I like how it worked here, though. I was thinking about reverse tangles. Positive v. negative. Like positive space v. negative space. Except in color. And this is what I came up with…. Continue Reading

Straight v. Curves


Strings, strings, and more strings. That is where my brain is lately. Do I go with straight lines? Do I go with curved lines? Do I mix it up and include both? Yep! This is a tile I meant to fill with straight line tangles. You see how well I did that! I forgot as… Continue Reading

Thursday String Idea #9


 Welcome to Thursday String Idea! We are already on string #9, that is really hard to believe! Today we have a straight line string. Have fun! You can download today’s string here to print it. The string is sized to fit onto a 3.5″ tile. Lately I have been focused on tangling in the round…. Continue Reading

Mermaid Journaling

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This was a first for me. This piece of art started with a digital stamp I purchased from Aurora Wings on Etsy. The stamp itself is called LaMer, which means the sea. I colored her with copic markers, LolliZ gel pens, and a clear glitter gelly roll pen. This is the most detailed copic thing… Continue Reading

Busy, Busy, Busy


It is all about downsizing the life. I am way too busy, all the time. It is a good busy. A productive busy. Just a ‘too busy’ busy. Hahaha! I wonder what things I can cut out of my life, in order to be less busy? (And in other news, I bought teal drapes for… Continue Reading

Wiggle Worms


 I must apologize for my lack of consistent blogging. I am currently working on a special project that I hope to be able to tell you about in a couple weeks. It will be worth the wait, I guarantee it! What you see here is a new tangle I’ve been working on. It’s called ringz…. Continue Reading