Narwal and Bublz


What a fun piece to make!

The color comes from Brushos Crystals,

you literally sprinkle them onto wet paper

and watch them work.

No science, no thought process,

just water wash the paper and sprinkle.

After the beautiful color is completely dry,

tangle with your favorite pen.

My current pen of preference is the Sharpie Fine Point.

Tangles in this beauty include:

bubble wrap,



O’Cee, and


If you would like to see a great video showing you how to draw narwal,

check out Helen Williams’ video at this link.

This video really defined to me the way narwal should be tangled.

Have fun!

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “Narwal and Bublz

  1. Your dandelion tangle always makes me smile with the way you draw it – it's how you manage to get the edges uneven so effectively, as for your Bublz: that's a real wonder with your rounding at the joins. Paula (PEP)

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