Home For a Few Days


For the past week and a half I have been in Colorado,

visiting my daughter.

Meeting her friends – she has a great group of friends there!

So many young men and women I really, really liked!

And we went to her church.

A great music praise and worship time,

and a pastor that Kali really admires.

She is at the perfect place for her.

And while I was there, I did a bit of tangling while she worked.

Several small pieces.

This is on a 4.5″ apprentice tile from Zentangle┬«.

I just drew some basic fan-shaped lines and

started filling the sections with tangles.

I used coral – my tangle, printemps, undling, and tipple.

Let me link you up to some of those patterns.

Remember, pink = link.

And my post title says ‘home for a few days,’

pretty soon we leave for Maine.

Going to be looking at several houses with the

hopes of purchasing one in particular.

With my hashimotos – thyroid deal – the Florida heat

is really doing a number on me.

I am ready to get back to cooler temps.

We won’t be moving any time soon, but we can at least

be making payments and getting an idea of

what our future will look like.

So. On the road once again.

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “Home For a Few Days

  1. Love your blog and art! Last night I drew a similar picture (different tangles, etc.), so IF I post it, I hope you don't think I copied…. I think we were on the same "space zone" around the same time. ­čÖé

  2. Glad things are working out for Kali & you're happy about it too. The way you've left some white space in this tile is lovely & effective. Wishing you well in your search – so important to be comfortable where you live & to be able to settle. Take care in the meantime. Paula (PEP)

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