Tangling on Scraps


This was a fun project!

I took a leftover piece of scrapbook paper and

trimmed it down to 5″x 7″.

 I trimmed one edge with a bit of washi tape.
At first glance, this section reminded me of an underwater cavern.
Of course, most things remind me of underwater scenes.
So I started sectioning off what I thought might be
a big piece of coral.
 I finished tracing it out and used my tangle
coral for the main part,
then started stacking in some tipple at the base.
 That tipple slowly evolved into my signature printemps,
forming the base in the shape of a hill.
 I really liked the orange band across the center and thought it would be a lovely place for a school of little fishies to be swimming past!
 And underwater you are going to have a little bit of current flowing,
especially with those swimming fish – so I added some movement with beadlines.
Perhaps that could be some algae or reeds growing along the bottom, moving in the water.

Then I added more beadlines,

and a few more swimmers.

All in all, about 15 minutes time invested in this

really simple to make

leftover scrap of paper project!

6 thoughts on “Tangling on Scraps

  1. That's a super little story in your design & I do like your Ixorus jellyfish – seeing your step by step evolving is very helpful, thank you. It's a really magical landscape this. Paula (PEP)

  2. This is fantastic – love the colours and the tangles you used to enhance the colours! I really appreciate your description of the steps you made.

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