Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper


These are so much fun to do!

Alcohol inks come in a wide variety of colors now,

not like when they first came out years ago.

And the yupo paper is non-porous so it is exactly

what you need for this technique to work.

I love the way the colors are unpredictable.

They work differently every time you use them.

I made about twenty backgrounds and have been

slowly tangling on them.

I use an XS Pitt pen, works great gliding across the yupo!

So much yumminess!

I love it!

Alcohol inks are a product of Ranger.

The Creator's Leaf

4 thoughts on “Alcohol Ink on Yupo Paper

  1. The way those two green sections bottom far left & far right act as a frame for the whole piece to stand on is wonderful; the bottom right crescent leaf is a wonderful part which has me just gazing at it. Paula (PEP)

    • i love the way the alcohol inks work. they really have a mind of their own within some limitations you set 🙂

  2. Alice – this is great! I guess I need to get me some Yupo paper. Do you think Glossy photo paper would work for this? Hope you are having a great summer.Janet

    • yes, glossy photo paper will work for sure. that's what we used to use back before yupo 🙂 in the old days . hahahahaha! and i actually used some photo paper recently to make sure nothing had changed. have fun!

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