Floral Step Outs, A New Tangle

Here are step outs to another tangle I’ve been drawing for a couple years.
I’ve just named it Floral.
No fancy name.

Floral is super easy to draw.

I’ve used it many times!

Either the full flower as you see it here.

Or . . .

. . . a half flower like you see here.
Using color will change the way it looks.
I imagine it will look like different flowers depending on the colors you use.
I am not really up on my flower nomenclature.
Regardless how you tangle it,
regardless what color you make it,
Floral looks spring-y and summery!
Feel free to pin the step outs.
I would love to see what you draw with Floral!

I just realized those steps in the first drawing are a bit tiny. Hahaha! You can see these better!

10 thoughts on “Floral Step Outs, A New Tangle

  1. Great tangle. Between steps 3 and 4, there seem to be a few "steps" missing, which show how you actually draw the side lines of the petal. Is it possible to add those 'steps'? Thank you.

  2. I like it, haven't done florals much and also am going to try my inks this weekend

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