Back Home From Newfoundland


I am back home from our ten day trip to

Newfoundland, Canada!

It was a wonderful trip, we saw pretty much all of the Avalon Peninsula as we searched for

icebergs, moose, caribou, beautiful fishing harbours and boats.

It was just a beautiful time – and now I have close to 3,000 photos to look through before I start posting.

I grew up on the naval base at Argentia, Newfoundland.

The base has since closed down and very little of what I remember is still physically there.

The memories never die, though.

This sunset photo was taken on our second day.

It was shot over the single remaining runway on the base.

What you see in the background is Red Island.

Looking forward to showing you more soon.

2 thoughts on “Back Home From Newfoundland

  1. Sounds wonderful. I've always wanted to visit the Maritime Provinces. Several novels read were located there. No titles come to mind at the moment however.

  2. What a gorgeous sunset. I'm looking forward to seeing more pictures. Welcome back Alice….Linda E.

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