Shnek and Hamail

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 It is midway point of the week, so how is your week going? I have a lot of tangle projects going on, staying consistently busy but not necessarily making a lot of progress.  Let’s see. I’m working on book submissions, ATCs for a swap in one of our Facebook groups . . .  . . . hoping… Continue Reading

My First Narwals


Narwal is this great new tangle from CZT Samantha Taylor. You can see the step outs in the pink link. Cause remember pink = link. hahahaha! If you go here, you can see a video of Helen Williams drawing narwal on her blog A Little Lime. Her video made a lot more sense to me than the… Continue Reading

Floral Step Outs, A New Tangle


Here are step outs to another tangle I’ve been drawing for a couple years. I’ve just named it Floral. No fancy name. Floral is super easy to draw. I’ve used it many times! Either the full flower as you see it here. Or . . . . . . a half flower like you see… Continue Reading

Sunz, New Step Outs


Sunz is a tangle I started drawing a couple years ago. I have some step-outs on my pinterest board and buried here in my blog, but figured now that I know how to draw better step-outs, I would give it another go. This is the actual piece of art I designed sunz for three years… Continue Reading

Stepping Up the Game

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I have been working on some ideas for my tangling, some new patterns of my own design, trying some patterns that are new to me, trying to step up my game, so to speak. In this stack of tangles, I started at the top with shattuck, then ballenchain – that dark one with the circles,… Continue Reading

A Little Teaser

 Newfoundland. Home, sweet home. I mentioned in the last post that we were back in the states. We had a great trip! And this lady pictured above with me was a huge part of our wonderful going home visit! I met Christy on facebook. She runs a group for people who were stationed at the… Continue Reading

Back Home From Newfoundland


I am back home from our ten day trip to Newfoundland, Canada! It was a wonderful trip, we saw pretty much all of the Avalon Peninsula as we searched for icebergs, moose, caribou, beautiful fishing harbours and boats. It was just a beautiful time – and now I have close to 3,000 photos to look… Continue Reading