Newfoundland, Going Home

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I need to start this post by saying – 
none of these photos are mine.
I borrowed them all from the internet.
Tomorrow we are flying to Newfoundland.
I grew up there, on a US Navy base.
Dad had a specialty that kept us there for quite awhile.
When we first move there, we lived off base in a location
very similar to what you see above.
A collection of little fishing villages,
sweet people trying to make it through another day,
lots of water, and even beautiful ice bergs to enjoy at times.
We are going to try to find the house we lived in,
but seriously I was so young I doubt I will recognize it.
 This I totally recognize.
This was on the hill next to the on-base apartment we lived in
towards the end of our stay.
Argentia, Newfoundland, was a first line defense during WW2,
to stop any war planes from overseas entering our air spaces.
There were a series of cannons around the Navy base,
one being right next to our home.
That is a bunker to the left of the cannon.
We used to play in those when I was a kid.
 It is quite possible that was my home behind the cannon.
Right where the building peeks out from behind.
Of course, it might not be but I believe it is.
 Another view of the housing representative of the off-base residences. Homes cut into the side of huge rocks. Very little land to grow anything on. Just vasy expanses of rock and water. You can see a roadway there on the left, just above the water.

I am so excited to be going home!

I plan to take tons of photographs.

I think I have enough stick space to take about

10,000 photos. No kidding!

We fly tomorrow, then Wednesday we are doing a boat tour to whale watch, see loads of Puffins in their environment, and hopefully scope out several ice bergs.

You won’t hear from me for almost two weeks,

but I promise you some awesome scenery in photograph form when I return.

Can’t believe I am finally going back home!

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