Stacks of Tangles

Stacking tangles is pretty much what it sounds like.
Here is a definition:
Tangled stacks are rows of tangles that go in the same direction and touch.
They may be vertical, diagonal, horizontal, circular, or semi-circular
as long as they touch. There may be words in between the tangles.
Grab something to tangle on.
Just about anything will work.
Paper, canvas, wood, ceramic, fabric, walls,
really just about anything.
Then start tangling.
Pick a pattern and make a row of that.
Then stack another pattern right on top.
Make them touch.
Keep building.
One tangle stacked at a time.

That’s truly all there is to stacked tangles.

It can be horizontal, vertical, diagonal, circular –

it doesn’t matter as long as they touch and stack.

I bet you have already been stacking.
Now it has a cool name!
These are all stacks that I’ve made.
Most of them you’ve probably seen on this blog already.
And may see some of them again when I post about how I made them.
Stacking and tangling?
It is a whole lot of fun!
You should totally try it for yourself.

4 thoughts on “Stacks of Tangles

  1. I was pretty excited when I saw your Wall project & was itching to have a go at just drawing lines (now called stacks) of tangles but life is getting in the way. When I then saw your invite my insides did a little leap but having been away for the whole weekend & coming home to lawyer's papers my hands have been full. However, I'm really excited about your 'not so little' group & the whole concept. It's a brilliant idea. Wishing you all the best & I'll be taking part as soon as life settles down a little. Paula (PEP)

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