Tangling the Opus

Recently the Zentangle® company released a 10 1/2″ tangling tile called the Opus.
I’ve drawn on a couple with great results.
This time I thought I’d combine the Opus with my
first tangling/journaling love – Dylusions Ink Sprays.
 Typically I wouldn’t leave the curled edges in the photo,
I would crop them out before I posted.
I thought it was worth showing you the little amount of curl I got
for a whole lot of wet media.
 I began by using a mop brush and slopping a whole lot of water
across the entire page.
Then I used lemon zest, fresh lime, and calypso teal
and sprayed on some beautiful color.
I spritzed a little more water just to be sure.
You see those circular places?
Those are super easy to make.
Wherever you have a good puddle of water,
point your heat gun straight down into the puddle
and watch it push the color out to the sides.
Let it dry that way and you have instant cool circles.
 I use those circle areas to make designs like this one.
I just follow the lines.
And while I’m thinking about it let me say this –
the slight curling you saw in that second photo from all the wet media –
once the opus dried it flattened itself back out.
 I just kept tangling, following the lines of color.
 Building section by section.
 I saw someone else drawing their squid tangles in a similar manner.
I liked it so much I tried it out.
This is how mine turned out.
I tried to make it look like they were swimming.

And here is my completed Opus tile.

I love the way it turned out!

Just follow the flow of the color.

Go on, you know you want to try it!

3 thoughts on “Tangling the Opus

  1. Squid does look good in that manner – yes like they're swimming! I can see you had a lot of fun with this, I wonder what lives in those towers with the circular holes/windows. Your additional white highlights add real zest (just couldn't resist with the lime-lemon colours). Paula (PEP)

  2. What a terrific idea to follow the lines of color for your tangles. It turned out great……Hope you and your family had a wonderful Easter…….Linda E.

  3. Gues what! You have me so hooked on your pics using Dylusions I had to buy some !! Now you have a disciple to follow in your footsteps so Ill be looking for more ideas how to use them. Being a colour addict i can't resist! i couldn't get all the colours I wanted tho I searched all Australian suppliers..no greens. i can't remember which colours you use..can you let me know please? Thanks for your inspiration and motivation! Anne marks

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