Stacking in a Wreath

┬áHere’s another stacked and tangled wreath.
Thinking you might want to try one of these,
but don’t know where to start?

This is a photo of a wreath I posted last week.

You can see the simple steps.

I started with a plate and a bowl, which I traced for my strings.

Then I just started sectioning off pieces and tangling them.

The stacking technique comes into play as you continue building the wreath.

Add a little shading and before you know it –

you have a tangled wreath stack that’s pretty amazing!

This one is on a 10.5″ Opus tile from Zentangle┬«.

It works on any size, start smaller if you need to.

3 thoughts on “Stacking in a Wreath

  1. I love these circular wreaths, especially with your selective addition of colour & shading. Thank you for the guided instructions, it's always a joy to come visit you. Paula (PEP)

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