Stacking Circles

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┬áLately it’s been all about the stacks.
Stacks of tangles.
In this case, it’s a stack of tangled circles.
Now you know I love me some gorgeous colors,
but I did not make this background myself.

It came from this book.

(I was going to tell you what page,

but this awesome book doesn’t have page numbers.

So that’s not going to happen.)

I purchased three of Mindy Lacefield’s books and they are all beautiful! They are copies of her personal art journals with lots of open spaces where a tangler could have some fun. And I love the results!

Why don’t you grab a book you haven’t enjoyed in awhile,

or a book from a second-hand shop,

and tangle a little today?

You’ll be glad you did.

One thought on “Stacking Circles

  1. Give you a book with some colour & magic happens, eh?? It's fascinating to see what you manage to do. I just love the whole principle of stacks – it's a real kickstarter for the mojo – I can see Him smiling at all the joy you are spreading. Paula (PEP)

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