Test Driving My Wall Book

 My friend Jane gave our art journal group the challenge of stacking.
Stacking tangles,
stacking text,
stacking text and tangles,
stacking colors with any of the above.
Jane showed some examples of stacking,
and in a couple pictures she showed drawings she had made in her wall book.
I thought, I have a wall book that I rarely use.
So I pulled it out and tangled the stacks you see above
 in the page on the right.
It started out as a blank brick wall.
(This is an actual two-page spread in the book.)
 I started at the bottom and worked my way up.
I love the way it turned out.
Looks like that art could be real graffiti.
(Fourth tangle up from the bottom,
is one I made up for this page.
I’m calling it Box It Up.
I’ll post step-outs for it in tomorrow’s post.)
In case you wondered, and even if you didn’t, hahaha!
from the bottom up, the tangles are:
shattuck, copada, curlz (one I came up with at CZT training,)
box it up, variation of crescent moon, flying geese, rain,
curvy variation of shattuck, twing, laced, and footlites.
Here is the wall book, which I have been calling by the
wrong name for the past couple weeks!
I got mine at Amazon,
(I mean, really, is there any where else?)
Walls Notebook by Sherwood Forlee.
 I enjoyed that stacking stuff so much I decided to do a second page.
I decided to go with graffiti circles and tangles that draw the eye to that post rising from top to bottom of the page.

And here is the completed page.

Tangles from bottom to top:

shattuck (yes, I love this one,) puf, shattuck

(see what I mean?), rain, box it up, and flying geese again.

And remember, anywhere you see pink words, that means it’s a link. 

Click on it and you will be taken to step-outs for that tangle.

Cause pink = link.

In every picture I draw, I include my chop.

My signature.

At least I try to.

You see it just under this post.

My initials with the leaf – for The Creator’s Leaf.

I don’t always date the drawing – on the drawing itself – it’s usually on the back.

For this page, though, I included it on the front.

Can you find it? And my chop?

(It’s kind of obvious.)

P.S. ~ time for you to try out this whole stacking thing.

No rules, except you pile it up.

Words, tangles, colors, elements.

Whatever media you want to use.

It’s stacking time!

7 thoughts on “Test Driving My Wall Book

  1. I've been seeing peeks on your Instagram and was wondering what it is was all about. I thought you had maybe just bought a used book, but it is meant for this sort of thing? And they have other themes too? I'm in trouble… *sigh* That looks so fun!

  2. Ok this is really cool! I had no idea what you meant when you said that you were going to use your wall book for the inside my sketchbook challenge but now I get it! And every time I read pink = link I giggle. Don't know why but it's cute!~ joey ~

  3. The date took a bit of finding – it's on the bike's mudguard & I found your chop in the far left circle. I too chuckled over the pink link. Yes I do wonder what the names of the tangles are & was wondering what your wall book was but discovered as I continued to read your post, how did you know I was going to ask that??Paula (PEP)

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