Making a Huge Mess


I noticed it had been a few days since I last posted.

I’ve been busy reorganizing the studio.


This is about a twice a year event.

Actually, I was hoping to find some photos that I lost

during the last reorganize.

Unfortunately they haven’t turned up so far.

A very ambitious project.

I downsized four 6′ bookcases to two.

Replaced the plastic see-through drawer carts

with wooden cases. Primarily so the Frankles

can’t see what is in the drawers.

Hahahaha! She’s such a sweetie!

This is all I managed to get done last night.

I’m combining the den and a small bedroom worth of art supplies and paraphernalia (that’s a law enforcement term)

into just the den.

The hope is that when I’m finished,

the Frankles will have her own bedroom – with a big girl bed and desk area –

that she gets to share with my reading corner.

I love my recliner.

Still lots of work to get done and I’ll post photos when I’m finished,

but first . . . Β it’s Frankie time for the next 3 days.

Love me some Frankie time!

4 thoughts on “Making a Huge Mess

  1. Your studio is wonderful, and I LOVE your desk! I've wanted one for so long. Can't wait to see more pictures!

    • thanks! i got this roll top desk at a local discount house. it had some damage – which i didn't really mind – so i was able to pick up this $1,000 desk for $200. and i love it! a birthday present about 10 years ago πŸ™‚

  2. Looks like it is going to be absolutely delightful & how super to have Frankles stay with you in her own little space. I LOVE that bureau – what a beauty.All the best & do be careful lifting & moving things…….Paula (PEP)

    • hahaha! paula, this is an evolving project that i try about twice a year. this is probably the biggest change i've done though. hopefully it all works πŸ™‚

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