Test Driving My Wall Book


 My friend Jane gave our art journal group the challenge of stacking. Stacking tangles, stacking text, stacking text and tangles, stacking colors with any of the above. Jane showed some examples of stacking, and in a couple pictures she showed drawings she had made in her wall book. I thought, I have a wall book that… Continue Reading

In a Swirling Tide


Lately I feel like my life is a swirling tide. A lot of changes going on here in the house, combining the content of two rooms into one, making a bedroom for the Frankles. Taking care of issues for my mother, trying to figure out how to get out of town for a few days,… Continue Reading

Spring Colors With the Steps


I started this piece a few months back and am just now getting back to it. Let me walk you through the making of it. One night I had a short window of time to work with, so I decided to set up a few backgrounds to tangle on later. I really, really love everything… Continue Reading

Making a Huge Mess


I noticed it had been a few days since I last posted. I’ve been busy reorganizing the studio. Again. This is about a twice a year event. Actually, I was hoping to find some photos that I lost during the last reorganize. Unfortunately they haven’t turned up so far. A very ambitious project. I downsized… Continue Reading

Lucky Cat


 So excited! This is my first template animal and I really like the way he turned out.  On Facebook there is a wonderful artist named Ben Kwok. Ben administrates a group called Ornation Creation, where he regularly posts templates he has made for us to take and tangle. If you are a Facebook aficionado, you… Continue Reading

Happy Birthday, Frankles!


Two years ago today our little Frankles arrived – 5 weeks early. Perfect health. Mom Bobbie was having some problems, which required Frankie to come a little early.  She was a tiny little thing. 4 lbs, 9 oz. if I remember right. That’s Jason’s hand on her tummy. I was able to get to the… Continue Reading

Spring is Here in Florida


Spring just popped in to Florida within the past few days. Everything is covered in pollen. I know because I can’t go outside. I can’t breathe, my eyes itch, I’m congested. Ugh. And my red car is yellow. But . . . spring is certainly a welcome sight. These are some azaleas blooming in the… Continue Reading

String #145

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I haven’t been keeping up with Linda Farmer’s weekly string challenge like I should. I used to faithfully tangle the string each week. Guess life has gotten in the way, but here I pulled out a recent string and drew a little puf, and some printemps. The shading really brings this piece together. Sorry I… Continue Reading

Trying to Get Back in the Routine


Wow! It’s been twelve days since I posted. And, yes, I realize my blog looks weird. Having a bit of an issue with photobucket, hopefully Cindy will be able to figure it out soon. I had a wonderful trip to Colorado, and the great news is I did not have an issue with the altitude…. Continue Reading

Using Up the Scraps


I think this is the last post I am going to pre-blog. I will be back home on the 9th, and will get busy online once again. This piece was a bit of leftover from a larger project I worked on. A small piece of scrap, about 5″ x 7″, which I filled with random… Continue Reading