Remember Your Roots

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Way back when I first started mixing color with zentangle –

about 2 years ago –

the only watercolors I had were in our home school supplies.

Basic little watercolor pans from the school row at WalMart.

And though I’ve since advanced to some pretty nifty watercolors

from big name art suppliers,

I still like to go back on occasion

and try my hand with those basic little home school supplies.

Such is the case here.

I covered the paper with a good layer of water first,

then I used two colors- blue and purple.

If you have enough water on the paper,

the colors go down as a good wash.

That’s how I did the blue.

I was a little more controlled with the purple,

just drizzling it here and there.

Tangling was added after the color dried well.

You see, even though I now have nicer –

more sophisticated –

supplies, I can still get a nice attractive

artwork even with the more basic art supplies.

It is always good to go back and remember your roots.

No matter what you’re doing.

One thought on “Remember Your Roots

  1. Back to your tangling roots too with Printemps & Hollibaugh – like it! Sometimes we forget the basics & need a refresher too & then we see something new in a basic step………as you say – always good to go back to GO. Paula (PEP)

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