A New Venture


Last week, Mark and I went to the Bass Pro store

for their annual fishing blowout.

So, of course, while Mark shopped Bass Pro,

I shopped the mall attached to it.

In an attempt to revitalize the mall,

they have added a huge art display and shopping district.

¬†Of the 40-50 artist’s booths set up,
I went into one –
because she had some zentangley-style paintings
and I loved the bright colors.
Her name is Michele Dobbs and she was so wonderful to me.

Michele was tangling on a ceramic cat and I started

asking her what pens she was using.

Of course. Isn’t that the first question we all ask –

what pens are you using. Hahahaha!

Michele was so nice, so helpful,

and one question led to another

and the next thing I knew,

we were talking about selling my art online.


I’ve never really wanted to part with any of my art before.

I keep it all in notebooks, or folders,

or drawers of the desk,

whatever and wherever I can find a place.

She seemed convinced that there is a market

for what I do.

I hope I can find it.

That’s what I’m working on now.

Putting into place some of the things Michele

explained to me.

And this is the first piece.

It’s in my Etsy store.

And . . . someone has favorited it already.

Now someone just needs to buy it :).


3 thoughts on “A New Venture

  1. And yes …….. 'What pens do you use?' is swiftly followed by (if appropriate) 'What paper do you use?' & 'What glue do you use?' (PEP)

  2. Dear Alice…my husband and I have a phrase that we've used all through our live together. Almost everything comes from almost nothing. Who would have thought that a simple browse through a mall would lead to this?! All the best to you in this new endeavor.

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