Brusho Crystal Colors – Product Review


A couple days ago I blogged about making this awesome tree. I had a lot of people contact me through email, through facebook, instagram, and pinterest, to ask me about Brusho Crystal Colors. To those that asked – here you go! Brusho Crystal Colors product review. Never heard of Brushos? I found out about them… Continue Reading

Daily Twinchies, Week Three

Week three was completed on time, I just didn’t get it posted till now. I’m getting this down to a bit of a routine. Late at night I draw a twinchie, drink my Sobe Life Water, and watch either Merlin or Once Upon a Time. For me the hardest part is figuring out what to… Continue Reading

Stepping Outside My Comfort Zone


Here we are at week 4 of our art journaling journey for 2015. I never thought I would make it to week four and still be interested and involved. So many other times I am have participated in online classes, online projects – just to find a couple weeks in that I was bored to… Continue Reading

Working on Snow

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 No, it isn’t snowing here in Florida. At least, not that I know of. Hahaha! That could be a little but of wishful thinking on my part! So, I’ve been playing with snowflake making for an art journal prompt, part of a group project I’m involved in for 2015. I really love how this one… Continue Reading

Tibetan Teal Starburst

This was a fun tile. Primarily I made this one to see how the ink spray would turn out. I used Lindy’s Stamp Gang Starburst spray. The color is Tibetan Poppy Teal. These starburst sprays are so much fun – you get the main color, and you also get a hint of another. Here you… Continue Reading

Chameleon Alcohol Markers and SpectraFix


I recently saw someone ask on Facebook if anyone had any knowledge of these alcohol markers. Of course that meant I had to go to Amazon and check them out. Here is what Amazon had to say about them: Chameleon Color Tones are much more than a normal marker they give you the power to change… Continue Reading

The Diva’s Bi-Zen-Tennial Celebration!


Laura Harms hosts the Diva Challenge each week. This is her 200th offering. Each week Laura posts a prompt, a tangle, an idea, an event – something specific for us to tangle and share. Wow! Getting brave here! This was my drawing the very first time I participated. I’d been tangling for a couple weeks… Continue Reading

Twinchie Time

Twinchies are tiny little works of art. Drawn on a 2″ square tile of paper, twinchies are shared and traded between artists. I have a really hard time deciding what to do with a 2″ piece of paper, so for this new year I decided to try to draw one twinchie a day. Above are… Continue Reading

The One Less Traveled By


Week two of the art journaling process. Cherryl’s prompt for this project was to use a quote that describes us, or describes our journey. I have always loved this poem by Robert Frost. It reminds me of the scripture found in Matthew 7:13-14,   Enter through the narrow gate; for the gate is wide and… Continue Reading

I Am Featured in a New Book


This new book was just released and I am a spotlight artist! So exciting! That little blue swirl of ferns and all the little insects are mine. I have art on the back cover as well. The book is chock full of artistic inspiration. Yes, they use the word “doodle” in the title and description…. Continue Reading