Today is Christmas

 Merry Christmas, everyone!
Celebrate the birth of our Lord,
spend time with your family,
relax, unwind, take a deep breath, and enjoy.
 I mentioned yesterday that I loved my tree!
I got an email from Hobby Lobby telling me that
all their Christmas stuff is 66% off for the next two days.
Yay!!!! I’m going to go tomorrow morning and look.
Who knows? There might be something I need!
Then I’m hoping to go see Into the Woods at the theatre.
 Each ornament speaks to me.
I love this cross, it reminds me of the reason we celebrate Christmas.
Jesus Christ, the messiah, our Saviour.
 Gold for royalty.
After all – He is the King of Kings!
What could be more royal than that?
 Music has always played a big role in Christmas for me.
Right now I am listening to:
Mannheim Steamroller’s Christmas Extraordinaire!
 The best gift I ever got for Christmas for Jesus Christ.
This ornament reminds me of the light,
the star that led the Wisemen to the Christ child.
Lit their way, shone a path, and brought them to that
 miracle of miracles.
 And because of the gift God gave to us,
we like to share with those with love.
With gifts, our time, our love, our friendship,
our fellowship, our food :), our encouragement.
Merry Christmas to each of you!
You are important to me.
You support me in my artsy endeavors and for that I am always grateful!
 This one just reminds me of my mom!
She has been a crocheting machine over the years.
Slowing down now, but at 90 years she’s earned a break.
 And here is my Cherryl Moote PAX dove.
Reminds me of the Holy Spirit.
And some can just be pretty! Hahaha!
This was us yesterday.
When I was a kid we sang,
“Over the river, and through the woods,
to grandmother’s house we go!”
Yep, that was us yesterday!
 Mom is 90 years old. I am thankful for every day with her!
 The Frankles just makes my day!
I love the wonder and curiosity on her face.
 I hope Bobbie doesn’t kill me for posting this.
They love, love, love Nightmare Before Christmas!
This hat was a must have!
 She loves her some Christmas trees all decorated and lit up!
 And she just wanted to touch it all!
Jason is such a great dad!
Thankful for Sonny’s BBQ.
She was loving that mac and cheese –
and the BBQ sauce that she sopped up with french fries!
 And a little bit of ranch, apparently 🙂
 This was our “kiss the great-granny that you are called Frankie after fail”. hahaha!
We tried.
The Frankles is like “what is she doing?”
 She loved the Frozen dolls from Kali.
 Wonder and delight!
 Hahaha! She’s loved lights this season!
 Bobbie enjoying a pair of the Frankles’ sun glasses.
 A Veggie Tales Christmas from Aunt Judy!
 Her first Cabbage Patch doll from cousin John!
She liked the way it smelled.
 That would be a Chip and Dale vinylmation happy face right there!
 Fast forward to today.
Christmas Day.
Kali is living in Colorado now and couldn’t come home for Christmas.
So we face timed this morning as she opened her presents.
Awesome socks for those cold Colorado days and nights!
 Sable had fun! She opened her own present.
She did!
And grabbed the socks, then ran under the couch!
Sable loves socks!
Perfect gift for her!
 See? She’s saying thank you!

Face timing Christmas was interesting.

It totally worked!

When Mark gets home from work,

we will open a few presents.

And eat!

Merry Christmas, all!

May your day be merry and bright!

2 thoughts on “Today is Christmas

  1. I'm glad Kali has Sable to keep her company, the socks under the couch made me smile. Wonderful that you could have family time & with Kali thanks to technology. My Mum crocheted too. Take care my friend & thank you for another year of friendship across the miles. Paula (PEP)

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