Once Upon a Phicops Mickey

Another tangle from Walt Disney World.
Once upon a time, a little girl made her first visit
to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World.
The little girl jumped and skipped her way through the park,
stopping here and there to ooh and ahhhh.
Characters were cool and required photos and autographs.
Attractions were awesome but required long waits in line,
in the sweltering heat,
and let’s face it – not all of them appealed to the little girl.
Then she rounded a corner and came upon the Mad Hatter’s Tea Party.
A swirling, whirling dervish of happiness in the
form of crazy tea cups.
Overseen by a little mouse that popped out of the tea pot
as the little girl whirled and spun and spun like crazy.
Spinning as fast as her little arms could turn the wheel.
And a tradition was born.

(Photo borrowed from a Google search.)

As I sat in my hotel room to draw, I thought about that little girl.

Missing her immensely as she nows lives out west,

making awesome pastries, cakes, and pies for a living.

I thought about her favorite ride and knew I wanted to draw it next.

Phicops immediately came to mind.

Phicops made an awesome representation of tea cups.

Add a little Mickey and it’s all good.

Now if that little girl would just come for a visit,

I would totally take her to Orlando to visit the

Mad Hatter’s Tea Party once again.

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