ING Disney Style


I spent the better part of the past week in Orlando, hoteling on the Disney complex, drawing, painting, relaxing, and doing a little shopping.

I love going to Downtown Disney. Not so much this trip however. They are in the process of “reimagining” Downtown Disney and it is one serious mess. Little parking, lots of construction walls, a ton of people in very little space, not at all a pleasant shopping experience. 

They funneled us into a partially built parking garage that is going to be gargantuan – and just what Downtown Disney needs when it’s completed – and we got to hunt and seek for a parking space down aisles that had no exits or turnarounds at the end, with cars backed up behind you. Not zen-like at all.

Once I found a space I got to hike my way in to the shopping district via a long sidewalk under a bunch of scaffolding and construction by-product. 

Well, that brings me to today’s post. ING. It’s a new tangle from the Zentangle┬« folks, created by Molly Hollibaugh. She deconstructed it from – – – scaffolding! 

My tile reminds me of the Disney scaffolding and all the bits of debris and concrete that I got to step over and walk around to get into the Downtown Disney area that I did not go back and visit again while I was in Orlando. Oh well, at least the tile was fun to draw! 

2 thoughts on “ING Disney Style

  1. Very atmospheric indeed – I can imagine you wandering along the windING scaffoldING littered pathways tipplING over debris. Paula (PEP)

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