A Little Disney Z-ING!

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Most of you know that I recently spent some time in Orlando visiting the Disney complex. Primarily so I could sit in one of their on-site hotels and draw and paint for a few days. I enjoy spreading paints, and craft mats, and pens and inks and markers all over the room and working for several days uninterrupted. And since I end up with piles and stacks of wet media papers on the beds and all over the floors – no house-keeping because I’m afraid they would have a stroke when they see all the mess I’m making! Hahaha! Not to fear, I clean my messes up when I’m done.

Zentangle┬« recently released a new tangle by Molly – it is called ING. Reminiscent of construction scaffolding, the steps are a breeze once you figure out which direction to go. Here is the step-out. 

I turned to ING a couple times while I was visiting Mickey. In this particular tile – the original is 3.5″ square – ING reminded me of Cinderella’s Golden Carousel in the Magic Kingdom. Not nearly as cool as Cinderella’s but that’s alright :). She’s a little better known than I. Hahaha! 

I have a whole bunch more artsy stuff to share from my Disney trip as I have time to post it. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

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