Pink and Blue Swirls


This project was begun a couple months ago. This is the end result. Ta-da!!!! It began like this. I used a 9″ X 12″ sheet of Canson watercolor paper, plenty of water in a spray bottle, and Dylusions Ink Sprays – bubblegum pink and london blue. I love the colors I can get with the… Continue Reading

Today is Christmas


 Merry Christmas, everyone! Celebrate the birth of our Lord, spend time with your family, relax, unwind, take a deep breath, and enjoy.  I mentioned yesterday that I loved my tree! I got an email from Hobby Lobby telling me that all their Christmas stuff is 66% off for the next two days. Yay!!!! I’m going… Continue Reading

Merry Christmas!

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 Merry Christmas! This post is going to be chock-full of photos! Hope that’s alright. Hahaha!  We haven’t had a Christmas tree in the Hendon household in several years. It got to be so much trouble with the cats determined to take it down year after year. A couple years we were away from home.  This… Continue Reading

Kali is Graduating!!


Yay!!!!!!! Kali is graduating this week from  L’Academie de Cuisine’s Pastry Arts Program! Eighteen months of study which included an internship at an authentic French Bistro and Cafe. And for those of you who may think she looks a mess in this photo – they put chocolate below their lip to test the temperature. A good… Continue Reading

Christmas in Florida

Yes. You did read that title right. Christmas in Florida. It’s a rough life, but someone’s got to live it. These are two cell phone pictures I took in Orlando, at the Walt Disney World resort complex. Swimsuits, beach balls, music, laughter, joyfulness. And that is normal for this time of year in Florida. Here… Continue Reading

Once Upon a Phicops Mickey


Another tangle from Walt Disney World. Once upon a time, a little girl made her first visit to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World. The little girl jumped and skipped her way through the park, stopping here and there to ooh and ahhhh. Characters were cool and required photos and autographs. Attractions were awesome but… Continue Reading

A Little Disney Z-ING!

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Most of you know that I recently spent some time in Orlando visiting the Disney complex. Primarily so I could sit in one of their on-site hotels and draw and paint for a few days. I enjoy spreading paints, and craft mats, and pens and inks and markers all over the room and working for… Continue Reading


Recently we have worked on a few of the harder tangles to draw. Punzel being one of those. You can see the step-out for it here. It’s really fun to draw, all loopy and wavy like a bunch of seaweed. Mix it up with a little dragonair – they go perfectly together. Throw in a… Continue Reading

ING Disney Style


I spent the better part of the past week in Orlando, hoteling on the Disney complex, drawing, painting, relaxing, and doing a little shopping. I love going to Downtown Disney. Not so much this trip however. They are in the process of “reimagining” Downtown Disney and it is one serious mess. Little parking, lots of… Continue Reading

Home Again, Home Again, Jiggety-Jig


What nursery rhyme or story is that title from? I don’t recall, but it sounds familiar and it totally fits today’s post as I am once again home. Jiggety-jig. (Or however you spell that. Must be right because there is no little red squiggly lines under it.) I spent the better part of the past… Continue Reading