Knights of the Round Table


Each week Joey hosts a tangle challenge. Some weeks I participate, some weeks I run behind schedule. This week I just happened to make it in time. Joey’s prompt was to create a monotangle using the pattern knightsbridge

Typical knightsbridge is drawn in a checkerboard fashion. I altered that a bit in the path sweeping through the background in the artwork above. Then I took that same checkerboard idea and put it into circles. All those little circles divided into quarters and darkened ala knightsbridge are popping up in a lot of my drawings lately. I am referring to them as knights of the round table. My very own variation of knightsbridge. It doesn’t hurt that I’ve been watching the British fantasy-adventure Merlin on netflix. I am finally in season 5 and Athur has just convened the Knights of the Round Table to discuss strategy. 

OK, Joey, I’m ready for week #35.

8 thoughts on “Knights of the Round Table

  1. I really like the "knights of the round table." Great tile. And yes, I'm also ready for week 35!!JoyceB.

    • thanks, joyce, i have been watching the old Merlin BBC shows and the knights of the round table just came to mind 🙂

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