Mandala-ish, APR #126

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Here’s another piece of art I worked on at Kali’s – prior to moving her back south. Almost like a mandala, but missing the precision of a mandala. I started with that radiating spiral in the middle and just kept adding. 

It has taken me probably close to five minutes to find my chop – signature – in there. I try to always include it in every work I draw – or paint. Can you find it? My initials A and H, with a leaf – for the blog title: The Creator’s Leaf.

I’m still trying to catch up here at home. So many things that need to be done and only so much energy. I’d rather sit in my chair and draw than clean house any day. Nothing new there. Ha!

Thanks to Debbie Nolan for following The Creator’s Leaf this week! Welcome!

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The Creator's Leaf

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