More of Those Cute Little Twinchies

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At least I think they are cute little twinchies! Two inch squares of awesomeness. Oh! And some beautiful color also! My eyes are doing better today. We think I was having problems with allergies. Who knew there was pollen when half the country is getting ready to face snow? Yep! Pine pollen in sunny Florida…. Continue Reading

The Flow of Aquafleur

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Just a short post today. Having some semi-major eye pain and am doing eye-drops like crazy. Aquafleur is an official zentangle® tangle. You can see step-outs here. It’s one of those tangles I had so much trouble drawing – I disliked this tangle immensely. Then I went to a workshop called Retreat to Paradise where… Continue Reading

Tangle Reference Guide


Lately when I’ve been ‘trying’ to tangle, I have a lot of . . . do I know any tangles??? What do I know? I can’t remember a thing! Has this ever happened to you? I am probably not the only person who has so many things going on in my life that my brain… Continue Reading

Another Dutch Diamond Tangle

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A short time ago, I posted about a tangle I designed called Dutch Diamonds. Well, I pulled it out again and drew this recently. This is in my square Stillman & Birns sketchbook. I love that book so much I recently bought three more of them! What are you working on today? or this week?

Prayers For Canada

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Praying for my Canadian family and friends today as they mourn the loss of Corporal Nathan Cirillo, killed yesterday in Ottawa. Terrorism is leaving no country untouched or unscathed. Praying for Corporal Cirillo’s family, and for the proud people of Canada. I remember sitting in tears, watching the television when the United States was under attack… Continue Reading

So Far Behind

So far behind in posting. Hopefully things will get back to normal soon. Kali and I spent the past few days in Orlando visiting Disney World and the new Harry Potter attraction at Universal Studios. Photos coming soon :). Yay!!!

Tutorial Coming Soon

Life has been a little busy with Kali back home. Tutorial to come about – filling those wide open spaces. Now. To the mall we must go!

Mandala-ish, APR #126

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Here’s another piece of art I worked on at Kali’s – prior to moving her back south. Almost like a mandala, but missing the precision of a mandala. I started with that radiating spiral in the middle and just kept adding.  It has taken me probably close to five minutes to find my chop –… Continue Reading

My First Collage Mermaid is Done


  As I mentioned a couple days ago, I am taking an online class called Mermaid Circus. It’s taught by Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore. Our first assignment was to make a mermaid using collage art. I had never done anything with collage before. You literally cut all these bits and pieces out of magazines… Continue Reading

I Can Draw That With My Eyes Shut Tight!


Draw with your eyes shut? Strange question? Perhaps, but that is exactly what the Diva asked us to do this week in her The Diva Challenge. I always love this challenge. I’ve gotten away from using a string when I tangle. I like the freeness that comes from not using a string. But sometimes we… Continue Reading