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A couple posts back I mentioned a facebook group I am a member of. It’s called Square One: Purely Zentangle. The focus of the group is to go back to square one and enjoy the beauty of true zentangle. 

This week Square One is challenging us to use the tangle quib. You can see the step out here. Quib is not a personal favorite, but it is interesting to draw. I filled my quib with tipple, a staple tangle for me. 

Why don’t you give quib a try – then you can post your work on the facebook group Square One: Purely Zentangle. It’s a good practice – returning to your roots. 

The Creator's Leaf

2 thoughts on “Quib – Square One

  1. Goodmorning Alice, Just to tell you that I found this Lindy's Stamp Gang sprays here in Holland. Had to wait a few weeks before they could deliver, but last Saturday they came. I'm quite pleased with them and all thanks to you!I like your Quib tile, I love this idea to go to the 'pure' zentangle, but I'm not on Facebook, so I cannot join. Well, there is a lot more to do out there 🙂

    • good morning, anne! at least here in the united states it's morning 🙂 i'm so glad you are enjoying your Lindy's stamp gang sprays. i love mine! i just may have to play with them some today – thanks for the inspiration!

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