Build a Basic Art Journal Page


New to art journaling? Afraid to get started? Unsure of where to go with your page? Not sure what product to use? Today let’s start with a basic two page art journal spread. If you don’t have the specific products I use, just remember – these aren’t rules, they are more like guidelines. (To quote… Continue Reading

Stringing Some Skinz

 Naming these posts keeps getting harder and harder. You want to name it something that will make your readers want to actually look at the post. “String 111” just doesn’t do that. Hmmmm.  This is Linda Farmer’s string challenge. String #111 was shared by CZT Maria Vennekens on Tangle Patterns. I sketched the string onto… Continue Reading

Making a Mess Is So Much Fun!


It has been a fun and productive afternoon! Jason and Bobbie are working on a project for Frankie’s room and asked me to make some canvas backgrounds. I made a total of six this afternoon. All bright colors – pinks, purples, teals, lime greens, yellows, and a touch of orange. Fun, fun, fun! And now… Continue Reading