Ghost Post #2

Yet another ghost posting from cyberspace. In case you missed yesterday’s post (or today’s still – depending on the use of flight meds and patches) I have flown north to help Kali pack up and come back south. So I am providing you with some pre-planned posts. Ghost posts, so to speak.

Of course, everything good starts with a Stillman & Birn Zeta series sketchbook. It’s the only way to fly. So to speak. (My eyes are blurry. Hope my spelling and typing are working.) Stillman & Birn and some awesome Dylusions Ink Sprays. Now all I need are some jelly bellies.

One little tip I would offer when working in a journal, place a larger sheet of paper under the one you’re working on to catch the overspray. Spritz that page with a bit of water. You can find a little spritz/sprayer bottle at your local dollar store. Or Michael’s where they cost a little more than a dollar. But not much more.

For this page I used lemon zest and calypso teal. Spritz your colors on right over the water. Let them blend for about 15-20 seconds. When I am making a page such as this I try to use at least two colors. I stayed with just two as this is a smaller page. If my base page was a larger one – say an 8″ x 10″ or larger – I would use three colors.

You could add a little more water at this point if you feel you need the colors to move more. I was happy with the way they looked, so I rolled the page with a paper towel and it looked like this above.

I ended up with bald spots – which I felt left the page incomplete. So I added more color but not in the way you would think I’d add it. I just spritzed water around the edges and it picked up the fine droplets of color that the original spraying left on the paper. Dylusions ink sprays are not water fast, so if you add wet product – more ink or water – the colors reactivate and you can move them around some more. Or blot and lift some color off the page.

Getting closer. Yay!!!

I felt like it needed a bit more contrast, so I added more lemon zest. Love that color! And I dried the whole thing with a heat gun.

I am not sure where I’ll end up with this piece. I added another layer with a couple stamps. And some staz-on ink, which doesn’t run or mess up the Dylusions color. Hopefully you are able to make sense out of my post. The meds are really kicking in and I feel like I’m fading. The good news is that I should be in Maryland with Kali at this point – packing ourselves into oblivion. Whoa.

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