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For the next few days I will be on the road traveling. Actually in the air. Flying. Yes, I am wearing my patch and about to fall asleep. Hahaha! And, yes, I have my medicine ready to prevent panic attacks on the plane. Suffice it to say – I don’t travel well.

It is time to bring Kali back to Florida. Yay!!!!!!! And in preparation for the no-blogging-time-allowed due to packing Kali up, I am pre-posting a couple easy posts. Awhile back (should that be one word? or two? Awhile or a while) I prepped some pages in my Stillman & Birns Zeta sketchbook. Of course I used my Dylusions Ink Sprays! For this particular page I spritzed the whole page with water first, then spritzed a little bubblegum pink and fresh lime. You can see where I just sprayed them right onto the page.

Then I spritzed more water right over the top of everything. If you let it sit for about 15 seconds, the colors will start blending and mixing. If you hold the page up – tilt it – the colors will move and make drips – or runs – down the page. You have to be careful of mud. Watch for it. Muddy colors you might get if watching you do not. (That’s my Yoda impersonation for the day. Thank you so much flying medicine!)

Where you get too much color (and you will), just roll some paper towels over it to pick up the excess. Or you can blot with the towels. If you roll you may get the awesome pattern that the towel has on it – transferred to your paper. You can see that in the above photo. Look in shadow portion. See it? (Come to the shadow side. We have cookies. Or jelly beans. Which are almost the same thing.)

Sometimes the blotting or rolling will take away too much color. If you are a color freak like I am – that will be a problem. Easily fixed. Just spray more color. And water if you need it.

Here is an example of blotting. Just use a tip or a fold and pick up the color you want to get rid of. If you work in a journal the color may pile up in the binding. You can blot there as well. Yay!!! I may have done that a time or fifty along the way.

You will know when your page is complete. You will just look at it and go  . . . wow! that’s pretty cool! You can either let your page air dry, or if you are satisfied with where the color is at this point – dry it with a heat gun. Or a hairdryer. Either works fine. Of course you could always huff and puff over it, but you might get into a hyperventilation issue. So. Do not try this at home alone. Enough said.

This is what I eventually tangled on it :).

10 thoughts on “Ghost Post

    • hahaha! oh my word! i just re read this. you could certainly tell i was doing medicine at the time. it was a great trip

  1. Yes, beautiful colors! Another idea for when you need to blot away excess water/color: blot onto another piece of art paper (or two). Then you don't waste all that beautiful color.Enjoy your travel medicine!Oh, btw, one word. 😉

  2. I love your choice of colors and how they blended on the page. And your tangle is fantastic! Very, very nice piece and i am already getting some inspiration from it for a page in my art journal. Thank you for your awesome posts!

  3. This was a fun read Yoda! Just like you, I love color! I was going to ask about the extra color being wasted. Thanks Margaret for your suggestion. I just feel so uncomfortable with wasting this beautiful ink.Alice what do you do with the paper towels after you have used them? Have you used them in any way, like adding texture & extra color to journals, etc.?Thanks so much. Love all your posts on ink sprays!

    • oh my, i was in rare form, wasn't i? paper towels, i have used them in collage. sometimes i get paper towels that are really full of color – those i use with a clean page. spray the page down well – or use a mop brush – and just lay the paper towel down in the wet stuff, pat it down to the page and let it sit for a bit. when you lift it up and off the color should have transferred to the page below – usually in a lighter version.

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