Mermaid Journal


Got my journal cut out and sewn together today. And looking at this photo, I see that I need to take it apart and resew it. This time in the correct order. That would be a tail you see right behind that cover. It is supposed to be a place for a mermaid face to… Continue Reading

The Mermaid Circus

Step right up! The Mermaid Circus is now in town! Actually, the mermaid circus got to town 4 weeks ago. I’m just running behind schedule. As always. Mermaid Circus is a fun art journal class taught by Jane Davenport and Teesha Moore. And I’ve been wanting to take this class forever! Today I was working… Continue Reading

When Is Enough – Enough?

Sometimes I have the tendency to overdo things. To take things one step too far. It is hard to know when to stop. So, how do you know when enough is just that – enough? In the drawing above you see a lot of negative space. Some people call it white space, except in this… Continue Reading

Kali’s Home, Well . . . Sort Of

You read that post title correctly – Kali is back in the hometown. Mostly. Actually she’s in Colorado getting ready to make her first wedding cakes for her best friend who gets married in a couple days. No pressure. First cakes = first altitude baking = a little stress, but nothing she can’t handle. Kali… Continue Reading

New Cards – It’s A Square Thing!


Getting ready to head to the airport. The mail came in today and I just had to post this before I leave. Moo has some new business cards – cute little square ones! A little larger than the twinchie and a little smaller than the official zentangle┬« tile. Here is my new card! All my… Continue Reading

Ghosty Postie #3

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Similar to the past two days’ posts, so I won’t go into a lot of detail. Other than my eyes are almost shut and I’m about to fall off my chair. Ugh. I hate flying. Started with wet paper and added some spritzes (?) of bubblegum pink – Dylusions Ink Spray. I did this totally… Continue Reading

Ghost Post #2

Yet another ghost posting from cyberspace. In case you missed yesterday’s post (or today’s still – depending on the use of flight meds and patches) I have flown north to help Kali pack up and come back south. So I am providing you with some pre-planned posts. Ghost posts, so to speak. Of course, everything… Continue Reading

Ghost Post


For the next few days I will be on the road traveling. Actually in the air. Flying. Yes, I am wearing my patch and about to fall asleep. Hahaha! And, yes, I have my medicine ready to prevent panic attacks on the plane. Suffice it to say – I don’t travel well. It is time… Continue Reading

Leaving on a Jet Plane

Well, sort of at least. Heading to Maryland tomorrow to help Kali finish packing and to bring her back to Florida. Yay!!!!! Posts will be non-existent – probably – until I get back home. The iPad is not a favorite when it comes to blogging. But . . . you never know!

Quib – Square One


A couple posts back I mentioned a facebook group I am a member of. It’s called Square One: Purely Zentangle. The focus of the group is to go back to square one and enjoy the beauty of true zentangle.  This week Square One is challenging us to use the tangle quib. You can see the… Continue Reading