Do you participate in that social media that is Facebook? I’m guessing if you are technically savvy enough to find and follow my blog, you probably savvy Facebook as well. If you go there and search for a group called Square One: Purely Zentangle┬« you can request membership and be part of the group. The mission, so to speak, of Square One is to go back to the beginning. Back to square one with your zentangle knowledge. Back to the 3 1/2″ square white tile. Back to black ink, pencil shading, and no eraser. Back to the way we learned to tangle. 

Each week Chris and Jenny challenge us with one specific tangle to work with. Week one was cadent – I still need to do that one. Weeks two and three were twing and verdigogh. The last two weeks are in my tile above. 

That whole center section is a variation of a new tangle that we – as CZTs – aren’t allowed to share step-outs with the public yet. And I tell you that’s not a bad thing. Even with the step-outs I couldn’t get it right, which is why I am calling that center column a ‘variation’ of that unknown entity. You see twing waving across the middle – also a variation. I did twing by memory and I forgot a couple lines.  I can’t find the step-out for it to save my life! So here is another drawing I did some time ago. Twing is the zig-zagging pattern across the top:

Then I added verdigogh to the center-unnamed-not-official-tanglethatwecannotrelease-yet. (And trust me, it doesn’t look anything like this when it’s done the step-out way!) Verdigogh is that arm-waving stuff and it’s way fun to add to your tangle drawings!

So. Getting back to Square One! You can totally do that and get involved in the fun on Facebook at Square One:Purely Zentangle®. You know you want to!

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