Stringing Along With TootsieMoon


Each week at Tangle Patterns – Linda Farmer posts a string for us to try out. I have saved every string since Linda started this. I organize them in a desktop folder according to year. A little anal-retentive much? (That’s a hold-over term from my police days. Sorry.) The most recent string – #118 – comes from Barbara Finwall. This is what Linda gave us:

For tangles I used rain – a stand-by favorite of mine lately. That is what you see in that top wavy line. In the bottom section I used a tangle of my own – called TootsieMoon. You can see the steps in this post. TootsieMoon and rain work very well together, as they are similar in appearance. The steps are a bit more complicated for TootsieMoon, but so worth the effort! Thanks for the awesome string!

The Creator's Leaf

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