Getting Musical With Kali


My Kali-girl has been up to something new.

And we’d like to invite you to check it out :).

Many of you have been following my blog for quite some time, and know that fifteen months ago I had to say good-bye to my Kali-girl as she took off for the north. She went to follow her dream of becoming a professional French pastry chef.

This is the phone picture I took of Kali trying on uniforms the day after Hurricane Sandy went storming through the northeast.

She took her entrance exam and tried on uniforms as the school was open for a couple hours, while people and businesses assessed storm damages all around us.

Even wearing the smallest uniform they make, we knew there would need to be alterations.

Now, here it is fifteen months later.

Kali completed the classroom portion of her studies,

finishing at the top of her class,

and is currently almost completed with her internship.

Kali has been blessed to be able to work in the field

at an authentic French bistro and cafe,

learning the hands-on business from the ground up.

Now that she has a bit more time, Kali is trying to re-connect with her love of music.

She started a new blog, and has challenged herself to post a music video each day.

Every instrument is one that Kali has taught herself to play,

learning mostly by way of the internet.

God bless youtube!

I want to invite you to visit Kali daily.

Listen and leave an encouraging word.

She is trying to get her voice used to singing on a daily basis again,

and is showing some creativity with some of her

instruments, as you will surely see in Day #4 of the challenge.

Kali’s blog is called Sweets Dream and you can visit here.

Have fun!

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