DuoTangle, Diva Challenge #178


Laura’s Diva Challenge this week was to use two tangles – starting with your initials – to create a duotangle. My intitals are A and H. I started looking through www.tanglepatterns.com to see what tangles were available under those letters. I knew right away I wanted to try aquafleur, which was developed by Maria Thomas. I just needed a tangle with some shape for my H pattern. Helen Williams has a beautiful tangle called heartstrings, that I thought would work perfectly with aquafleur. A little highlighting, a little shading, and I was all done. For this particular tile, I started with Lindy’s Stamp Gang Cosmo Pink Starburst ink spray and added a little Cotton Candy Starburst to it. I love this line of ink sprays. They each have two color tones in one bottle. Beautiful colors! Then I tangled over the color with a Sharpie fine point.

Check out the Diva Challenge here, you can even post a duotangle of your own!

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18 thoughts on “DuoTangle, Diva Challenge #178

  1. I like your tile, I also like the soft colored paper you used. Funny, our initials are the same, but we used si different tangles I used Allium and Hibred.

    • haha! that's awesome! there are a lot of A tangles and H tangles, i looked at a lot of them before i started. and the paper is just the official zentangle tile – that i added some color to 🙂

  2. I love both those tangles and isn't Helen Williams amazing! What you have done with the two tangles and soft colors is so very pretty and I love how it all flows!! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us!

  3. Love this! the colors are so sweet, and the aquafleur is just terrific. I like how you've rotated it, and how you've placed two more organic or flowing patterns, inside a straight up and down grid/string. Very nice.

    • thanks so much, heidi sue! i didn't know how it was going to turn out. i just kept drawing and turning the tile 🙂

    • haha! actually, i was leaning towards aquastrings 🙂 and the paper – believe it or not – is just a regular zentangle tile

  4. So BEAUTIFUL!! I'm definitely getting tiles again and rekindling my tangling with a few classes!! Love this

  5. I really like your use of Aquafleur. I am still experimenting and trying to be sure I have the hang of it. I also like the way you explain what you have done.

    • aquafleur was always an impossibility for me until i took a meredith yuhas class. she made aquafleur make sense and it's fun to draw now

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