Bronx Cheer and APR 120


Today’s post is going to be short. And to the point. My left wrist is killing me. Lots of pain around the bottom joint of the thumb. I have my hand in a brace and from experience I know the pain should subside by tomorrow. Starting to think I need this looked at by a doctor. 

Anyway, on the facebook group Square One: Purely Zentangle┬« where we are challenged to get back to the basics in zentangle, the prompt this week was bronx cheer. That would be all those little blackberry looking bits above. Maria Thomas came up with this tangle as a way to cover up mistake areas, blotched areas in our drawings. Our prompt here was simply to make the bronx cheer part of the drawing. I left the stems off and buried them within the printemps. Added a little waving flux and some beadlines and am calling it done. 

Linking up to the Artist’s Play Room for the week. There is a whole week’s worth of time for you to add some art of your own!

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2 thoughts on “Bronx Cheer and APR 120

  1. I also developed "trigger finger" (which it sounds like you might have in your thumb, where mine was) and waited to go to the doctor. He said that was a BIG mistake because it really took a long time to be able to tangle without a lot of pain (6 months). Do go soon to a hand specialist, one who works with trigger finger before you do too much more damage. I have seen your tangles on Facebook too and I like your Bronx Cheer nestled this way. Hope all your pain is gone very soon ­čÖé

    • Thanks, jane, I'll get that checked out. Haven't heard of trigger finger (except as an ex-cop, haha!) I'm going to try to get seen tomorrow.

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