Simple Watercolor Flowers


Let me just say this, if I can do it so can you! A couple weeks ago I was getting ready to go on a road trip. I knew I couldn’t take a lot of art supplies, so I decided to prep a watercolor page before I left. What you see above is all the… Continue Reading

Bijou. It’s What’s New in Zentangle®

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Bijou. A two inch square tile – commonly known as a twinchie. In the realm of all things zentangle, these are Bijou tiles. Bijou is a little snail that came home from Paris with Rick and Maria several years ago. They named these tiles after Bijou. You can see a drawing of him – or… Continue Reading

My First Completed Face :)

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So much fun I had today! I’m taking a year long class called Life Book and I am really just now getting into some of the lessons. (Now that the year is coming to a close soon.) This is the very first face I’ve ever completed! I tried one other earlier, but never finished it…. Continue Reading

String 119, and More TootsieMoon

 Time for another string challenge. Each week, Linda Farmer posts a string challenge on Tangle  This week’s string came from CZT Linda Fine. This is what Linda gave us. I took the string, drew it lightly on my 3 1/2″ tile in pencil, then began with the basic steps of TootsieMoon along the string. Then… Continue Reading

Bronx Cheer and APR 120


Today’s post is going to be short. And to the point. My left wrist is killing me. Lots of pain around the bottom joint of the thumb. I have my hand in a brace and from experience I know the pain should subside by tomorrow. Starting to think I need this looked at by a… Continue Reading

Zonked? Yeah, Pretty Much


 Zonked? Yes, maybe a little. Summer colds have a way of doing that to you. It’s best to get plenty of rest, take a little meds now and then, and relax when you can. A couple weeks ago, tangler Barbara Finwall shared her new tangle – zonked – with us on tangle patterns. You can… Continue Reading

Spill Ink on Your Project?


I have had a request for more tutorials here on The Creator’s Leaf, but I have to tell this tutorial was not a planned one. This is a post of necessity. Off and on for the past week I have been drawing – and adding to – this 8″ x 8″ tangle. A little here,… Continue Reading

Live in Florida?

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Today I had to ask the question one more time: why do I live in Florida????? Seriously? This photo was taken with my phone at almost 4:00 PM. PM. As in afternoon. Day almost done time. Ugh. And it actually got as high as 104° F, but I was driving and couldn’t take a photo…. Continue Reading

Stringing Along With TootsieMoon


Each week at Tangle Patterns – Linda Farmer posts a string for us to try out. I have saved every string since Linda started this. I organize them in a desktop folder according to year. A little anal-retentive much? (That’s a hold-over term from my police days. Sorry.) The most recent string – #118 –… Continue Reading

Sprays and Acrylics


This was so much fun!!! Other than the fact it took me three sheets of paper to get this one to work. I am taking an online, year long art class with Tamara Laporte. This is an experimental project I worked on today. I was really excited about this project. Tam had us using Dylusions… Continue Reading