The Diva Challenge, #174


It has been quite some time since I’ve taken one of Laura’s Diva Challenges! I got too bogged down in swaps and they were taking up too much of my time. So for now I am holding off on swaps and trying to reconnect. This was Laura’s 174th challenge, wow! that’s hard to believe! The challenge was to superimpose one string on top of another. To do that, I went to Linda Farmer’s string page on Tangle Patterns.

I started with string 089, lightly marking those circles with pencil in the corners. I filled those in with some Diva Dance Rock ‘n Roll.

Next, I took string 094 and lightly marked those lines onto the same tile. I used those basic lines as an additional string – and added a couple more – then ran them like hollibaugh, and tangled cheesecloth in the middle sections.

Add some shading and it’s all done! This was a fun challenge presented to us by Aimee Belair, CZT. You can head on over to I Am the Diva‘s page and check out all the superimposed string renderings and perhaps post one of your own!

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15 thoughts on “The Diva Challenge, #174

  1. I love it. Good choice of strings, and even better choice of how to "fill" them. I love that torn-wire tangle in the middle! That's "Cheesecloth?" I think I might be using that myself one of these days.

    • i don't remember where i came across cheesecloth, but it seems to be one of my favorites right now 🙂 and yes, it's the torn-wire looking one

  2. The pattern, Cheesecloth, is from Suzanne McNeil in her Zen Mandalla book (I think, because I can't find it at the moment, sigh). I like it too. I didn't think of doing one string and THEN adding the second string. That was a great idea and your piece turned out so nice, especially the Dive Dance part.

  3. Like this. I did not think of cheesecloth when I saw it. I thought of a torn screen. Either way it looks great. There is an official tangle, whose name I cannot remember and I am too lazy to look in my Zenthology, that is similar, but I think without the tears.

  4. Alice this is a BEAUTIFUL patywrn and tile so gorgeous I need a two week retreat to learn all these with two young men still home and hubby they don't get you need Zen time!! Lol but will practice when I can!! Hugs!!!

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