Star Unraveled


 This is what I’ve been playing with lately. Not an idea that I came up with, but based on a piece of artwork created by my friend and fellow CZT – artist Sharon Payne . . .

. . . that I saw and loved! Sharon calls this piece Dreaming at Sunset. You can see this – and more of Sharon’s beautiful art – on her blog Jazztangled. I was really drawn to the leaf shapes and the little pieces dangling and swirling out the ends of them. 

So I picked up a pen and a sheet of 9″ x 12″ bristol smooth surface and started drawing. I sat in my chair and drew for two hours. That is pretty intense for me. I can play with paints and inks for two hours, but drawing for two hours is a completely different story. I toyed with the idea of the almond shapes with the tendrils flowing out the ends. And somehow they ended up in a star-ish shape – I think someone else may have drawn them in this shape first, but I couldn’t remember who. (So, sorry if I miss giving credit to someone for the idea.) I love all the loops, and swirls, and curls, and furls. Kind of like a star just unraveling and spilling everything right out there.

Then I moved on to a smaller version. I had some scraps leftover from a book project – with dylusions ink spray colors already on them – and I used one of those. This piece is about 4″ squared. There are a couple background pieces on the right that you haven’t seen yet. I’m still working on those.

And of course I had to play around some with the settings on my iPad when I took this picture. This filter is called process. Apparently some rocket scientist named the filters. Who knew. 

Anyhoo, here she is – Star Unraveled – in all her beautiful, bright, wild and crazy unedited color! Keep in mind she’s about 4 inches across and compare that with the size you see on your computer screen and you’ll know about how big this piece truly is. And please go check out Sharon’s blog here. You’ll love visiting her! (And just read her posts with a soft, southern drawl and y’all will feel right at home.) (And I can say that cause I’m from the south, too!)

New in my studio? A brand new product from that we will be releasing to the public in a couple weeks. Until then I get to play with it all by myself – bwahahahaha! 

The Creator's Leaf

5 thoughts on “Star Unraveled

  1. Alice, your star is gorgeous. You need to be more positive about drawing, your drawings are awesome. I am in Madison Wisconsin for the Zentangle Art Expo. This is the first one, we had 30 CZT's today and a 100 registered for tomorrow plus the public can come in tomorrow. We have an array of 50 minute classes to give newbies a chance to get acquainted with Zentangle. There is a gallery of CZT's art work and different vendors selling there wares.

  2. Alice this is absolutely stunning! You are doing such a great job with your Zentangles…..Linda E.

  3. Wow so BEAUTIFUL I need so many more lessons in pwrson from Cherry this teuly us BEAUTIFUL!! Love all of your work makes me smile!! Yes I will check out Sharons blog LOVE!!!

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