Chiyogami Tile Folder, Yay!!!


In early May I had opportunity to be in Toronto, Ontario, and with the help of fellow artist Cherryl Moote I was able to visit the Japanese Paper Place. Taken from their website, their mission is to encourage artists and creative people everywhere to learn about the unique qualities of traditional Japanese papers. We spent a couple hours looking at, and touching, and studying, and asking questions about hundreds of different pieces of paper. And I was fortunate enough to be able to come home with some beautiful works of art in the form of chiyogami Japanese paper.

Here it is almost two months later and I have just gotten up enough nerve to actually cut into one – or two – of these beautiful papers! Cherryl is a book and paper artist, and she has authored several wonderful books, including All Tangled Up. In this book she details ways to organize and display zentangle tiles and art. I used her directions to make the Tile Folder you see in the first photo. And I used pieces of two of the papers from the Japanese Paper Place that you see above.

These imported Japanese papers are truly beautiful. They are hand-silkscreened and the colors and patterns are wonderful! This is the outside of the tile folder just prior to completion.

Here is a shot of the inside.
Then I used a bit of the second paper to cover the spine  . . .

. . . and to line the interior. I can fit tiles into both sides. Cherryl also details the steps for making an ATC folder. Cherryl has written several books about bookbinding, paper folding, and tangling. You can visit Moote Points here. Look for All Tangled Up.

Here are a few of my favorite papers I brought home.
Aren’t they wonderful? Now I just need to decide what to work on next. Hmmmm, Cherryl?

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7 thoughts on “Chiyogami Tile Folder, Yay!!!

  1. Wow! This paper is just stunning! I have Cherryl's beautiful book, but have not tried anything in it yet. I love your tile holder! What a treat the Japanese Paper Place must have been. I can see now that Chiyogami paper would be the way to go. Thanks for sharing your adventure and project!

  2. One of the coolest store ever. I love to visit there when I go to Toronto. I love the papers you got.And when I can't make it in person, I can always shop online!

    • we were there for a couple hours – cherryl had to pull the car up to the door to get me out of there – haha!

  3. Where do you find all the time for this I need a studio or room all to myself with a lock!! Lol so BEAUTIFUL!! Thank you for sharing all of this!!

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