TootsieMoon, APR #111


You might be thinking, “hmmmm, that’s a strange name for a post!” Or perhaps you didn’t even read the post title, but you just looked at it after reading that first sentence. Hahaha! Last night I posted the above picture on my facebook page The Creator’s Leaf and said that I was working on something new.

I continued working on this piece as the night got later and later. Working in my 7″ square Stillman & Birn Zeta Series sketchbook always makes me happy! Perfect paper for tangling on! (And for adding a little color later on!)

As I continued drawing, this is what came out of my pen. Circle upon circle upon circle. And I just kept adding little bumps here and there, and auraing them, and moving on. I know this is similar to other tangles, but I haven’t seen it drawn quite like this. As I looked at the piece, it kept reminding me of one particular thing. Hence, the first part of the name. (Could you tell I was hungry?)

Then I started auraing the sections within the primary circle, like you would with crescent moon. And when you combine the two things – you get tootsiemoon – and that would be where the post title came from! Step-outs to follow soon, along with some more examples.

For now though, I want to link up to Artist’s Play Room for their weekly artsy challenge. Click on Jenn‘s link and go check out what everyone is doing this week. You can even link up to your own art so the rest of us can enjoy what you’re learning!

The Creator's Leaf

5 thoughts on “TootsieMoon, APR #111

  1. Hi Alice,I just wanted to say "Thanks" for visiting my blog! Your work here is BEAUTIFUL and your blog is very inspiring! Thank you for sharing your art with us bloggers! :)Con- ( &

    • i enjoyed my visit on your page 🙂 thank you for taking time to come see my post. i hope there is something new here for you to enjoy and see

  2. I LOVE the page in your sketchbook! I am becoming a big fan of the minimalist look – using just a couple of patterns to complete a piece. This is simple yet so elegant!

    • thanks, caren! i am finding that it's easier for me to go with just a couple tangles than sitting there thinking – – – what patterns do i know? hahaha! i think i have too much stuffed up there in my brain!

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