Peerless Watercolors


I first heard about Peerless Watercolors in an online class I am taking taught by Artomologist Jane Davenport. They are these really nifty little sheets of paper of highly concentrated pure, intense color. The description from the Peerless page¬†includes words like intense strength, absolute solubility, clean color, and convenient.¬†The color adheres to one side of… Continue Reading

Back Home

That was a fast five days at Cedar Key. I tried so many times while I was there to make a blog post, but their internet didn’t run fast enough. Sorry. I apologize right now for the inferiority of some of these photos. All of them were taken with my cell phone, then posted on… Continue Reading

Last Scrap

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Let’s see. By this time, I should have already been in the pool a couple times, Mark should have already had the boat in the water and caught a bunch of fish. He will also be sunburnt – – – cause that’s the way it works. And I expect either Mike or Phil or both… Continue Reading

More Scraps


Here is another one of those scraps. That Diva Dance at the top left corner flowed from another piece that I submitted to a book. It carried over into this corner, and I added all the rest afterwards. As you’re reading this, I will be heading to the ocean and a swimming pool. And seafood… Continue Reading