Floral Challenge #14 at Joey’s Place


Last night on facebook I posted the above picture at The Creator’s Leaf. I was just starting on the new weekly challenge that Joey runs over at MadeByJoey‘s. This week’s task was to tangle some flowers, or use patterns that resemble flower parts, or use a flower shaped string. I decided to go floral – they are some of my favorite things to draw! And literally everything you see in this picture is a tangle pattern, several with auras. (Auras are those black areas that surround and mimic/aura the tangle itself.)

I used my Stillman & Birn 7″ square Zeta Series sketchbook and a Sharpie fine point pen. For patterns I used printemps, flux, tipple, mooka, sunz, fescu, and flora. Lots of loopy, swirly, yummy garden fun!

Check it out at Joey’s place –  and join in on the tangletivity! 

Next up – I am going to use some yummy Grumbacher’s watercolors and add some spunk to these flowers!

The Creator's Leaf

8 thoughts on “Floral Challenge #14 at Joey’s Place

  1. These flowers are lovely on their own. I can't wait to see what they'll look like with color. Great job…..Linda E.

    • hahaha! i hope i don't mess it up! i did scan it first, maybe i'll work on the scan instead of the original.

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