Dutch Diamonds, New Tangle


Ready for a new tangle pattern? My husband said it looked like those little pointy hats the dutch girls wore in the old days. (Does anyone know if they actually did wear those cute little hats?) And thus the name came about – Dutch Diamonds.

The step-outs for Dutch Diamonds.

The first project I used dutch diamonds on was a postcard for a facebook swap I was involved in. I have no idea now where this postcard ended up. And I’ve learned a lot about shading and highlighting since I drew this.

And believe it or not – both of those long strips are dutch diamonds. The back one is a variation – or tangleation – of the original. There are many ways to draw dutch diamonds – you are only limited by your ideas. (And if you need another cup of coffee. Or chocolate. Or coffee and chocolate. Oh, wait! Jelly Bellies!!!)

Here are a few tangleations I came up with. I’m inviting you to try Dutch Diamonds out for yourself. I know you can do it. And I think you have some more tangleations just waiting to slip out of your hand, through your pen, and onto the paper! And I would love to see them!

Dutch Diamonds!

(Now, where did I stash that extra bag of jelly bellies???)))

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24 thoughts on “Dutch Diamonds, New Tangle

  1. Looks like you've just created a tangle that will become a fave. Really love this. Thanks for sharing.

  2. I must try this tangle as my last name is van Oort!Thanks for sharing it, I'm going to pin it to my Zentangle patterns board.~ joey ~

  3. Okay – how do I "cure" this problem? I looked at this tangle and took the tiime to put it in my very thick tangle notebook and now it's showing up everywhere! I have had so much fun playing with it. My work is breaking out in dutch diamonditis! Thanks for sharing this tangle!

  4. I must say that I really like this and so many variations you've given us as well. I'm going to try this yet this afternoon that's how much I love it. Thanks for sharing this beauty…nice work!

  5. I like your zentangle and the various ways of doing it. I am not sure I will get mine in time for the challenge but am trying it. Thanks for sharing.

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