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That was a fast five days at Cedar Key. I tried so many times while I was there to make a blog post, but their internet didn’t run fast enough. Sorry. I apologize right now for the inferiority of some of these photos. All of them were taken with my cell phone, then posted on facebook. I have simply dragged the photos from facebook and am posting them here. I did take some pictures with my nice camera. Hope to post some of those soon. Above is our view the first morning.

We were sitting right on the Gulf of Mexico. It rained the entire first day we were there, this was taken by the dock – shooting back towards what used to be an awesome restaurant until it got gutted by fire. The building has been fixed back up and is currently for sale. I wonder if Kali could run a french pastry business from there. Hmmmm.

Day three brought this little bundle of sunshine to us. Fourteen months old now, she is the happiest little thing I’ve ever seen. She only cried twice – once because she was tired and wanted a bottle, and the second time was because Mark tried to hold her instead of me holding her :). Good girl!

And she ate great this day. A sweet potato for lunch, with cinnamon butter. And for dinner – garlic mashed potatoes, crab bisque, sweet corn with rice, and apples. Topped off with pepsi and sweet tea. Hahaha! And she slept like a champ that night. Not so the next, but she did this night.

The sad thing about Cedar Key is the way it got hit with economics. So many of the shops are closed, and most of the restaurants. Not many good ones left, so we went back to Steamers again last night. Little bug had more garlic mashed potatoes, crab bisque, and this time we added peanut butter mousse and a little lemon pudding. 

She did finally settle in and let Mark carry her on our walk back to the resort. She is soooooo cute!!! And such a good baby. So happy and smiley.

Our last night. The sun finally came all the way out. I shot this on our way to supper. The water was beautiful! I will post some other photos soon. It was a nice break, sorry I couldn’t post while I was gone. Actually those posts you got while I was gone – they were all pre-programmed to pop up and look like I was posting because I was afraid there’d be a problem. I just didn’t make enough of them because we added on an extra day to our trip. Technology is great. When it works. 

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