Falling Behind

It has been a slow week as far as postable artwork. I am working on art for another book. It’s been a busy time for that kind of thing with a lot of new books coming out between now and Christmas.

In the middle of drawing, and tangling, and coloring, my Etsy store has finally gotten a little busy again. Thank you, Jesus, cause rent is coming due Sunday. Ugh, hahaha! Thanks to Etsy sales I had need to spray some color on a whole bunch of watercolor paper and make cool little ATCs. So, while I was doing that I pulled out these two 11″ x 14″” canvases. First I used a mop brush and slopped a whole lot of water onto the canvas itself, then I sprayed some Dylusions Ink Sprays into the puddles. Let the colors run and mix, apply a little heat gun magic pushing colors and drips around, and voila! instant beautiful artwork for your wall! Going straight into the Etsy store. Have a great rest of your week!

The Creator's Leaf

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